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The Troop meets every Monday night from 7:00PM to 8:30PM at LWUMC, 7525 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland.  


We like the Scouts to be there at 6:50PM so the meeting can start on time.  While we encourage scouts to attend as many meetings as possible, we also realize that many scouts also participate in other activities such as sports, the arts, and of course, school and family obligations.  Scouts who participate the most in the troop's activities get the most out of it.  And Scouts whose parents help out with the troop see the commitment of those parents, and are even more likely to get more out of it.  [FYI - The calendar follows LWSD.]


General information:  The Patrol Leader Council (Scout leadership) gets together every two months to plan out the meetings. 

Rhythm of the meetings:  Typically a month’s meeting consists of two nights with Scout skill activities; one outing such as Vertical World, trampoline, cycling trip, service project, etc. and one Advancement Night where the Scouts below First Class work with the Assistant Scoutmasters on rank advancements and Scouts First Class and above work on Merit Badges.


Structure of the meetings:

  • The Scouts open and close with the flag ceremony.  The Senior Patrol Leader leads or delegates the evening’s program.  The last 10 minutes of the meeting is for announcements and the Scoutmaster’s minute. 
  • Although always welcome to stay for the meetings, parents are strongly encouraged to attend the last 10 minutes to hear announcements of upcoming activities and outings.