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The Basics

Complete a Youth Application

Each new Scout must complete a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) registration form.  A hard copy of this three-part form is available from the Scoutmaster or the New Family Orientation Coordinator, or an electronic copy can be downloaded by clicking here.  Submit the completed form together with the dues to the Scoutmaster/New family Orientation Coordinator at the next Troop Meeting.


Purchase your Boy Scout Uniform

Click here to read more.


Complete a Youth Medical Form

All Scouts must submit a completed BSA Medical Health form annually.  Parts A and C of the three-part form can be completed at home and should be submitted immediately.  Part B, which involves a medical examination, is required for outings longer than 72 hours or for activities that are strenuous and demanding.  A copy of the form can be found here.


Start to Think About Camping Gear

We have monthly outings; day hikes, back packing trips and car camps.  Click here for a list of outdoor gear.  You don’t have to buy everything immediately but the more time you give yourself to get your gear together, the easier it will be.


Troop Meetings and Activities

Attend as many troop meetings, activities, & campouts that you can so you can kick start your scouting experience and meet your fellow scouts.  Bring your Handbook for signoffs of requirement completions & to log campouts & service hours; YOU are responsible for getting these done, not your leaders.



Start reading your Handbook, beginning with the first sections.  Find the Tenderfoot rank requirements in the back of the book, and read the pages indicated for each that you plan to work on. Click here for a link to BSA videos for requirements.  From time to time, make copies of the signed off pages in your Handbook in case it gets lost.

Given a choice between working on a rank requirement or a merit badge, you should usually choose the rank requirement to keep learning scout skills & advancing.  Exceptions include weekend merit badge workshops or those offered at summer or winter camp.  For more information about advancements click here and for merit badges click here.