Welcome to Troop 577!
Upcoming Events:

Urban Expedition III:  March 11-12.  Sign up.
Tiger 1-2-3 Hike:  March 19.  Sign up.
Margaret's Way Hike:  April 10.  Sign up.
Beckler Peak Hike:  April 16.  Sign up.
Scoutmaster Overnight:  April 23-24.  Sign up.
Camping:  April 29-May 1.  Sign up.
Heather Lake Hike:  May 7.  Sign up.
Little Bandera Hike:  May 22.  Sign up.
Camporee:  May 13-15.  Sign up.
Little Si Hike:  June 1.  Sign up.
Backpacking:  June 3-5.  Sign up.
Twin Falls (or Talapus) Hike:  June 9.  Sign up.
Court of Honor:  June 10.
Tiger 3 Hike:  June 15.  Sign up.
Canoe Camping:  June 17-19.  Sign-up.
Poo Poo Point Hike:  June 23.  Sign up.
Rattlesnake Ledge Hike:  June 29.  Sign up.
SUMMER CAMP at Camp Parsons:  June 10-16.  Sign up.
Philmont!:  August 1-13, (with travel, July 29 - August 14).

...and, of course, Troop meetings every Monday night!
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